Detailed information for the presenters in the Asian Grassland Conference

Conference format

The conference will be a 3-day online event between 19-21 April 2022 via a virtual platform which will be available 15 April 2022. The conference will be almost completely live and virtual but it will be supported with pre-recordings. The programme each day will take approximately 6 hours. The conference will start at 09:15 Istanbul Time and 14:15 Beijing Time . The online conference platform will be used so that participants will find it easy to navigate between conference rooms, poster halls, information desks etc. Further details on how to log in to the platform and use it will be provided later.

On the conference platform, three conference halls will be active for three sessions running in parallel. Once a participant chooses to join a conference hall on the platform, a Zoom link will open. All sessions and workshops will take place in Zoom rooms so that participants will be able to participate by switching on their audio and videos to ask questions.

Requirement: For the smooth flow of the event, we strongly recommend all participants to download Zoom or update the existing zoom in their computers. If you are a new user of Zoom, please visit page to get familiar. All presenters should know how to do presentations by sharing their screens, turning videos and audios on.

Every day of the conference will start with a welcome speech, announcements, keynote talk and then continue with regular talk slots (three sessions running in parallel). Those events will be online and live over Zoom. The presenters of the regular talks will give a live talk via Zoom during the time slot allocated for the presentation. Each talk will have a duration of 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions. The presentation must elaborate on the submitted abstract, concisely give all necessary information so that participants can understand the study and discuss it. The regular talks will be completely live. Oral Abstract Presenters who would like to try connecting to the Zoom and doing trials, can send an e-mail to mail address to set a time with the Organization Secretariat. Trials will be done between the dates 10-15 April 2022. Our technicians will be there to guide you.

As a precaution, the presenters of the regular talks are requested to make a video of their presentations and submit it before the conference. In the event of technical problems of presenters connecting the conference, the recorded talks will be broadcast. Those videos will be available in the platform to watch after the conference for one month.

Requirement: Please submit your pre-recordings to by 8 April latest. The video files should be in mp4 format, a maximum of 12 minutes and 100MB size. Videos longer than 12 minutes wll not be accepted. Videos can be recorded Zoom program. The recorded presentation should deliver the presentation, and a recommended format is a slide video show, with the talk recorded. Please watch your videos before sending them to make sure that it works fine.

The speed talk sessions will follow the regular talks and will be a mixture of pre-recordings and live Q&A sessions to use the available time efficiently. The speed talks will replace the poster session of conventional face-to face conferences. The speed-talk presenters will prepare an e-poster in the designated format and additionally provide a short 3’ min speed talk recording (video) of their studies prior to the conference. The aim of the video is to introduce the study, give a take-home message and attract participants to the poster. It is recommended to participants to prepare powerpoint slides based on their posters and make the recording of the speed presentation. The posters and videos will be submitted from the link before the conference. The posters will be on display throughout the duration of the conference in the e-poster hall. All participants will be able to see, read and download the posters in the pdf format throughout the conference. In addition, during the time slot allocated for each speed-talk session, a chair will manage the session in a conference hall. First, the combined videos of the speed talks of that session will be played by the organizers. The speed-talk presenters will not give a live talk but they will be ready there during their session to answer questions right after the relevant video. Break rooms per 2-3 speed talk presenter will be prepared for this purpose. Participants can join any break room to ask questions. The speed-talk presenters may need to share their slides or posters to answer questions.

Requirement: All speed-talk presenters should prepare a poster in 38,1cm width x 54,2cm height sizes, 1080 pixel width x 1536 pixel height resolution as a pdf file and submit it to by 8 April 2022 latest. The deadline is 8 April 2022. Please do not forget to insert the conference logo. We recommend preparing a main-finding based poster such as in provided as an idea, please follow the conference dimensions as indicated above)

Following the speed-talk presentations, a special event per day will be broadcast live via Zoom in one of the conference halls and moderated by the tutors. Participants who registered for those events are invited to visit the specified hall.

During and after the special events, a happy hour medium will be open in where participants who would like to socialize can meet and talk freely. This is an n application for group meetings and it is not speaker-based but based on continuously changing social interactions. The happy hour application will take place in a single space where attendees virtually wander among conversational circles, make, enter or leave circles freely without rooms like zoom. The environment replicates that natural, magical feeling of floating from one conversation to the next. Instead of physical appearance, icons of people (names or photos) will move in the space contact with other persons freely like in an ice breaker party. Participation is free.  

Requirement: The participants who would like to join happy hour should register to the platform at the URL: (The link will be prepared and send you by-e-mail) Participants need to sign in to the platform, turn the microphone and preferable video on. 

Finally, at the end of the conference, a closing ceremony will be held where prize winners will be announced.  Please find the daily program at the program page.

Additional information for the competitors

Young investigator competition

Competitors of the young investigator prizes should write (YIC) next to their title in their presentations or posters. During their presentations, they should clearly indicate their contribution to the study.

Participants are invited to join photo competition by sending up to three high-quality photographs on any combination of the following four topics: Asian grassland plants, Asian grassland animals, Asian grassland landscapes, and humans and grasslands in Asia. The photos should be in high resolution (full-size JPEG or TIFF images, at least 300 dpi) and be accompanied by captions including a short title or description and information on the subject (species name, date, place name). The Photo Jury will select the best photographs. The three best shots in each category will be awarded with full space in the next issue of Palaearctic Grasslands and will be presented in the closing session of the conference. We reserve the right to also use non-winning photos for illustrative purposes in other parts of the issue. Published photos will be licensed under the CC BY-SA, and supporters of the conference can use them with proper credits. If you want to take part in the competition, please submit your photos together with the required information to Edy Fantinato ( by 9 April 2022.


If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to ,Coin Turizm is providing organizational services for the AGC 2022. You will receive general emails related to the conference from the email address of the conference