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19 April 2022, Day 1 
09:15-10:3014:15-15:3006:15-07:30 (GMT)

Welcome, Announcements
Chair: Didem Ambarlı
Keynote Talk by
Prof. Shuli Niu

10:30-11:1515:30-16:1507:30-08:15 (GMT)

Regular Talk Session
Biodiversity of grasslands
Chair: Alla Aleksanyan

Regular Talk Session
Vegetation distribution, mapping and classification
Chair: Ricardo Guarino

Regular Talk Session
Ecology and taxonomy of grassland animals
Chair: Balazs Deak
10:30-10:4515:30-15:4507:30-07:45 (GMT)Oral Presentation 18
The GrassPlot database: collecting and analyzing multi-scale and multi-taxon vegetation-plot data from Palaearctic grasslands and other open habitats, Jürgen Dengler
Oral Presentation 12
Classification of Armenian dry grasslands: first insights into their syntaxonomy
Denys Vynokurov
Oral Presentation 01
Has Endangered Anatolian Chamois a Future at Lesser Caucasus Alpine Grasslands?
Hüseyin Ambarlı 
10:45-11:0015:45-16:0007:45-08:00 (GMT)Oral Presentation 39
Species-area relationships and fine-grain beta diversity in Palaearctic grasslands
Iwona Dembicz
Oral Presentation 40
Floristic and syntaxonomic diversity of chalk outcrops of Sub-Ural plateau and adjacent territories
Yaroslav Golovanov
Oral Presentation 28
Review of the conservation status of subterranean mammals in the Eurasian grasslands – are they at risk?
Orsolya Maldovan
11:00-11:1516:00-16:1508:00-08:15 (GMT)

Oral Presentation 17
Scale dependence of species-area relationships is widespread but generally weak in Palaearctic grasslands
Jinghui Zhang

Oral Presentation 08
Biogeographical patterns of the grasslands’ syntaxa distribution in the Northern Eurasia
Elena Belonovskaya
Oral Presentation 19
Effects of grazing and mowing on butterfly diversity,  a case study from the East of Turkey
Evrim Karaçetin
11:15-11:4516:15-16:4508:15-08:45 (GMT)BREAK
11:45-12:3016:45-17:3008:45-09:30 (GMT)Regular Talk Session
Ecology and taxonomy of plant and fungi species
Chair: Alla Aleksanyan
Regular Talk Session
Livelihoods and sustainability of pastoral communities
Chair: Jianshuang Wu 
Regular Talk Session
Grassland conservation, management and restoration
Chair: Hüseyin Ambarlı
11:45-12:0016:45-17:0008:45-09:00 (GMT)Oral Presentation 07
Assessing the Roles of Nitrogen, Biomass, and Niche Dimensionality as Drivers of Species Loss in Grassland Communities
Nir Band
Oral Presentation 31
Household poverty evaluation and prediction in pastoral areas
Peng Han
Oral Presentation 11
Legacy of prehistoric civilisations strengthens the system of protected areas: A global synthesis of conservation role of steppic burial mounds
Balázs Deák
12:00-12:1517:00-17:1509:00-09:15 (GMT)Oral Presentation 21
Grazing-induced biodiversity loss impairs grassland ecosystem stability at multiple scales
Maowei Liang
Oral Presentation 34
Governance and livelihood adaptations of agro-pastoral communities residing in a resource scarce landscape
Shivani Barthwal
Oral Presentation 22
Promoting high mobility of herders is key to rangeland conservation in the Dzungarian Gobi, Mongolia
Lena Michler
12:15-12:3017:15-17:3009:15-09:30 (GMT)Oral Presentation 32
Grass phytoliths in discriminating rainfall zones of northern Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India
Ranita Biswas
Oral Presentation 38
Private CBA analysis of herders’ mobility in central and eastern parts of Mongolia
Sugar Damdindorj
Oral Presentation 41
Soil cracking is a critical turning point in the collapse processes of Kobresia ecosystems on Tibetan Plateau
Yujie Niu
12:30-13:3017:30-18:3009:30-10:30 (GMT)Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Biodiversity of grasslands
Chairs: Jürgen Dengler, Alireza Aqınezad  

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Livelihoods and sustainability of pastoral communities
Chairs: Riccardo Guarino, Jianshuang Wu

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Grassland conservation, management and restoration
Chairs: Hüseyin Ambarlı, Didem Ambarlı 
Poster Presentation 04
Plant diversity of subalpine and alpine zones of high mountains of Fereydunshahr (Central Zagros, Iran)
Ali Bagheri
Poster Presentation 29
An amazing and endangered ecosystem in Armenia
Mark Kalashian
Poster Presentation 71
A study on greenhouse gas emissions from mounds made by plateau zokor (Eospalax baileyi) on the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau
Zhuangsheng Tang
Poster Presentation 06
Floristic composition of plant communities of rare species of the steppe belt of the Northern Tian Shan
Karime Abidkulova
Poster Presentation 33
Climatic conditions for the distribution of steppe vegetation in western Mongolia
Kohei Suzuki
Poster Presentation 23
Small mammals on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: grassland pest or keystone species,
Limin Hua
Poster Presentation 09
Plant diversity of Golestankooh area in Isfahan province, Iran
Azadeh Akhavan Roofigar
Poster Presentation 01
The Impacts Of Heavy Grazing On Plant Diversity At Tuz Lake Salt Steppes
Ahmet Emre Yaprak
Poster Presentation 11
Rare And Endangered Specıes Of Mammals Of The Kostanay Regıon (Kazakhstan) And Their Current Status
Tatyana Bragına
Poster Presentation 24
Western Himalayan Grasslands: A Report On Grass Diversity From Uttarkasiı District, Uttarakhand, India,
Jaswant Singh
Poster Presentation 03
Natural resource use by local community living in close proximity to a protected area dominated by floating meadows in Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur,
Akoijam Santikumar Singh
Poster Presentation 10
Contamination Of Plants In Steppe Pastures Of The East Kazakhstan Region
Tatyana Bragina
Poster Presentation 20
Analyzing the Relationship between Animal Diversity and the Remote Sensing Vegetation Parameters The Case of Xinjiang, China
Li Haoxin
Poster Presentation 21
Mongolian herders’ ecological understanding in their landscape and landscape change
Gantuya Batdelger
Poster Presentation 50
Results Of Monıtorıng Of Reıntroduced Specıes In Prımary Seed Productıon Sıtes In The Foothılls Of Uzbekıstan
Tolibjon Mukimov
Poster Presentation 64
High-elevation halophytic communities in the Pamir Mountains, Central Asia – habitat requirements and distribution via ecological niche modeling,
Anna Wróbel
Poster Presentation 36
On the Defining Role of the Steppe in the Formation of Humanity: Stepnism as an Innovative Convergent Doctrine
Sergey Levykin
Poster Presentation 51
The Only Way to Invrease Pasture Productivity
Tolibjon Mukimov
Poster Presentation 72
Land use alters relationships of grassland productivity with plant and arthropod diversity in Inner Mongolian grassland
Xinyu Wang
Poster Presentation 40
Sustainability of pasture horse breeding (pastoral communities) in the production of environmentally friendly food and the development of ecotourism,
Sergey Levykin
Poster Presentation 68
Summer grazing of three herbivore species at moderate intensity enhances the primary productivity and drives the divergence in community structure of a semi-arid steppe
Yanlong Li
Poster Presentation 60
Red List of endemic vascular plants of Iran-with approach in devising conservation priorities
Sina Khalvati
Poster Presentation 55
Dynamic Study on the Effect of Oats Mixed with Vicia villosa var.glabresens,
Qian Liu
Poster Presentation 70
Effect of Potassium Silicate Fertilization on Miscanthus sinensis Community Structure and Physical Properties of Thatch
Yuto Inoshima
13:30-14:0018:30-19:0010:30-11:00 (GMT)BREAK
14:00-15:3019:00-20:3011:00-12:30 (GMT)

Introduction to EDGG and Grassplot Database
Chairs: Jürgen Dengler, Iwone Demibicz, Rocco Labradessa 

14:00-16:3019:00-21:3011:00-13:30 (GMT) HAPPY HOUR
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20 April 2022, Day 2 
09:15-10:3014:15-15:3006:15-07:30 (GMT)Welcome, Announcements
Chair: Frank Yonghong Li 

Keynote Talk by
Prof. Norbert Hölzel 
10:30-11:1515:30-16:1507:30-08:15 (GMT)Regular Talk Session
Biodiversity of grasslands
Chair: Frank Yonghong Li 
Regular Talk Session
Vegetation distribution, mapping and classification
Chair: Alireza Naqinezad
Regular Talk Session
Grassland ecosystems under global change
Chair: Marcelo Sternberg
10:30-10:4515:30-15:4507:30-07:45 (GMT)Oral Presentation 27
Small natural and anthropogenic features as biodiversity hotspots in the steppe: marmot burrows and burial mounds in Kazakhstan, Orsolya Valkó
Oral Presentation 04
The Pistacietea khinjuki-verae: a new class of open woodlands in transitional forest-steppe zone in Irano-Turanian mountains
Arkadiusz Nowak
Oral Presentation 03
Biological invasion by livestock and dogs in wet grasslands of Brahmaputra floodplains of Assam affecting its integrity
Anita Devi
10:45-11:0016:45-17:0007:45-08:00 (GMT)Oral Presentation 16
Effects of climate and grazing on plant diversity and forage condition in eastern Mongolian steppe
Yun Jäschke
Oral Presentation 15
Plant biogeography and vegetation types of the Zagros mountain range
Jalil Noroozi

Oral Presentation 29
Impact of changing grazing and precipitation on genetic structure of two key-stone dryland species of Central Asian grasslands
Oyundelger Khurelpurev

11:00-11:1516:00-16:1508:00-08:15 (GMT)Oral Presentation 02
Scale-dependent patterns and drivers of plant diversity in steppe grasslands of the Central Alborz Mts., Iran
Amir Talebi
Oral Presentation 43
The use of digital maps of forestry and CORINE to generate the first steppe map of Turkey
Uğur Zeydanlı
Oral Presentation 10
Effects of grazing season on plant community structure and production is mediated by plant litter mass in a typical steppe grassland
Chunjun Shi
11:15-11:4516:15-16:4508:15-08:45 (GMT)BREAK
11:45-12:3016:45-17:3008:45-09:30 (GMT)Regular Talk Session
Grassland conservation, management and restoration 
Chairs: Frank Yonghong Li
Regular Talk Session
Grassland ecosystems under global change
Chairs: Jiri Dolezal
Regular Talk Session
Ecology and taxonomy of grassland animals
Chairs: Evrim Karaçetin
11:45-12:0016:45-17:0008:45-09:00 (GMT)Oral Presentation 13
Compared to soil bacterial and fungal diversity, mowing significantly mitigate the adverse effects of fertilization on plant diversity in grassland,
Fengshi Li
Oral Presentation 25
Long-term grazing effects on grassland in Mongolia: Variation among steppe types
Munkhzul Oyunbileg
Oral Presentation 30
The Coexistence of Wolves and People in Grasslands of Central Asia
Özgün Emre Can
12:00-12:1517:00-17:1509:00-09:15 (GMT)Oral Presentation 44
Can active restoration priming and improving self-restoring in extremely degraded alpine meadow?
Zhanhuan Shang
Oral Presentation 09
How land cover changes and land use intensity affect ecosystem services and their relationships in the Wulagai River Basin of Inner Mongolia, China
Chenwei Chang
Oral Presentation 14
Iqbal Ali Khan
12:15-12:3017:15-17:3009:15-09:30 (GMT)Oral Presentation 42
Mechanisms explaining low grassland plant diversity in ski runs constructed by forest clearing
Yuki A. Yaida
Oral Presentation 24
Exploring Seasonal Pasture Conditions in Montane Central Asia under Environmental Change: Degradation Dynamics or Transitional States?
Munavar Zhumanova
Oral Presentation 45
Geographical distribution and drivers of biodiversity in Inner Mongolia
Gang Feng
12:30-13:3017:30-18:3009:30-10:30 (GMT)

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Ecology and taxonomy of plant and fungi species
Chairs: Frank Yonghong Li, Didem Ambarlı

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Vegetation distribution, mapping and classification
Chairs: Alla Aleksanyan, Stephen Venn
Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Grassland ecosystems under global change
Chairs: Evrim Karaçetin, Jianshuang Wu
Poster Presentation 37
Comparison of embryo and nutrient loss in alfalfa seeds under long-term storage conditions
Jiaqing Li 
Poster Presentation 38
Liliya Dimeyeva
Poster Presentation 42
The influence of fertilization type and environmental variables on soil mite community structures from grasslands, in Romania
Minodora Manu
Poster Presentation 54
Intraspecific differences of section on root head of siler  (Saposhnikovia divariacata (Turcz.) Schischkin) in Mongolia
Azzaya Jukov
Poster Presentation 52
Toward an Iranian national vegetation database: VegIran
Alireza Naqinezhad
Poster Presentation 48
Insights into the population genetics and evolutionary history of endangered Eld’s deer (Rucervus eldii)
Mirza Ghazanfarullah Ghazi
Poster Presentation 43
Ethnobotany of Tajik non-forest plant communities – the extent of vegetation use and its implications
Marcin Kotowski
Poster Presentation 05
Influence of Invasive and expanding Species on Carbon Storage in Grassland Ecosystems of Armenia
Alla Aleksanyan 
Poster Presentation 35
Consequences of the virgin megaproject and strategic approaches to the development of post-virgin steppe land use in the Urals and Siberia
Sergey Levykin
Poster Presentation 47
New alien invasive plant species in the flora of Adjara (Georgia)
Irakli Mikeladze
Poster Presentation 14
Germination responses to salinity and drought in the plants of the Central Anatolian Steppe
Cihan Ünal Değirmenci
Poster Presentation 59
Environmental determinants of graminoids in open vegetation types of Central Asia,
Sebastian Świerszcz
Poster Presentation 02
Lava flows support high diversity of grassland plants including threatened species in a meadow area managed by burning
Airi Asada
Poster Presentation 16
Multi-data approach for identification of land degradation extent in Central Asia,
Elizaveta Khazieva
Poster Presentation 61
Factors causing intraspecific variation in functional traits of grassland species along an urban-rural gradient
Taichi Nakata
Poster Presentation 49
Vegetation composition of wet grasslands of Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India
Monika Sharma Monika
Poster Presentation 28
Spatiotemporal patterns of land use change and landscape ecological risk assessment in the Mongolian Plateau from 2001 to 2019
Jingpeng Guo
Poster Presentation 66
Soil texture mediates plant cover response to precipitation in temperate grasslands of China
Xiaotian Gao
Poster Presentation 53
Landscape context determines soil fungal diversity in a fragmented habitat,
Suneir Suneir
13:30-14:0018:30-19:0010:30-11:00 (GMT)BREAK
14:00-15:3019:00-20:3011:00-12:30 (GMT)OPTIONAL WORKSHOP
Workshop on the Vegetation Typologies in Asia
Chairs: Idoia Biurrun, Riccardo Guarino 
14:00-16:3019:00-21:3011:00-13:30 (GMT)HAPPY HOUR
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21 April 2022, Day 3
09:15-10:3014:15-15:3006:15-07:30 (GMT)Welcome, Announcements
Chair: Stephen Venn

Keynote Talk by
Prof. Zhigang Jing
10:30-11:1515:30-16:1507:30-08:15 (GMT)Regular Talk Session
Grassland conservation, management and restoration
Chair: Jürgen Dengler
Regular Talk Session
Vegetation distribution, mapping and classification
Chair: Jalil Noroozi
Regular Talk Session
Grassland ecosystems under global change
Chair: Stephen Venn
10:30-10:4515:30-15:4507:30-07:45 (GMT)Oral Presentation 20
Medicinal plants in peril due to climate change in the Himalaya
Kumar Manish
Oral Presentation 23
High-altitude wetlands in the Eastern Pamir (Tajikistan): Distribution, species composition and plant response to N availability
Monika Metrak
Oral Presentation 37
Biogeochemical and biogeophysical effects of a transition from grassland to a mosaic of land-uses in central Israel dryland
Rafael Stern
10:45-11:0015:45-16:0007:45-08:00 (GMT)Oral Presentation 35
Analysis of national, regional and state-level policy and legislative instruments for rangeland management in the Indian Himalayan Region,
Shivani Barthwal
Oral Presentation 05
Grassland legacy remaining in vegetation and seedbanks in plantation forests of Japan
Asuka Koyama
Oral Presentation 33
Integrated Impacts of Climate Change and Grazing on Mongolian grasslands,
Banzragch Nandintsetseg
11:00-11:1516:00-16:1508:00-08:15 (GMT)Oral Presentation 26
Nihan Yenilmez Arpa 
Oral Presentation 36
Soil seed bank potential of disturbed Himalayan alpine grasslands – a case study from Tungnath Timberline
Shyam Phartal
Oral Presentation 06
Urbanized grasslands within fragmented agricultural lands favor species with short generation times
Atushi Ushimaru
11:15-11:3016:15-16:3008:15-08:30 (GMT)   
11:30-12:0016:30-17:0008:30-09:00 (GMT)BREAK
12:00-12:3017:00-17:3009:00-09:30 (GMT)

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Chairs: Didem Ambarlı, Rocco Labradessa

Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Ecology and taxonomy of plant and fungi species
Chairs: Jalil Noroozi, Alla Aleksanyan
Speed Talk (Poster) Session and Q&A
Chairs: Stephen Venn, Frank Yonghong Li
Poster Presentation 15
The assessment of heavily overgrazed mountain pastures with use of satellite and ground data
Dmitry Malakhov
Poster Presentation 08
Gramineous fraction in some arid ecosystems of Armenia
Anahit Ghukasyan
Poster Presentation 12
Climate overwhelmed land-use and mineral nutrients to control plant biomass and diversity of alpine grasslands across North Tibet
Chenrui Guo
Poster Presentation 18
Invasive plant species as threat to rare grassland’s ecosystems
George Fayvush
Poster Presentation 44
Diversity of feather grasses (Poaceae: Stipa) in grasslands of Central Asia,
Marcin Nobis
Poster Presentation 13
The impact of marmots on vegetation cover and plant nutrient content in a cold, extremely arid mountain environment
Piotr Chibowski
Poster Presentation 31
Verification of goat eating behavior in Mongolian grasslands using biologging real-time grazing analysis
Kiyokazu Kawada 
Poster Presentation 65
Effects of Different seed Soaking Treatments on seed Viability and Germination Characteristics of Qinghai Poa pratensis(Poa pratensis L. cv. Qinghai)
Xianze Hua
Poster Presentation 17
Relative effect of plant-plant interactions and abiotic factors on biodiversity facets of rocky outcrops in northern Iran
Mohammad Farzam
Poster Presentation 34
Effects of continuous digging on the community dominated by the invasive alien species giant goldenrod on the Kirigamine Heights
Kumiko Okubo
Poster Presentation 41
Micro-morphometric variability and significance of bilobate grass phytoliths from coastal grasslands, West Bengal, India
Madhab Maskar
Poster Presentation 19
Plant-pollinator network dynamics and pollination services  in the process of grassland restoration
Gaku Hirayama
Poster Presentation 39
Mixed grazing at moderate grazing intensity significantly improves ANPP and community stability in alpine grasslands on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,
Yuzhen Liu
Poster Presentation 45
Food CWR resources in the non-forest plant communities of Tajikistan
Marcin Kotowski
Poster Presentation 26
Effects of dung arthropods and precipitation on decomposition of different grazing livestock dung in a semi-arid grassland
Cheng Jianwei 
Poster Presentation 46
Impact of abandonment and human disturbance on ecosystem services in Japanese temperate grasslands
Mylene Martinez
Poster Presentation 07
Phytosociological classification and characterisation of the grasslands of Mt. Damavand, Iran, along a 3000-m elevational gradient
Amir Talebi
Poster Presentation 27
Effects of grassland utilization on the functional traits of dominant plants in temperate typical steppe
Jinghui Zhang
Poster Presentation 56
Rangelands of Indian Hindu Kush Himalayas – Condition and trends,
Shivani Barthwal
Poster Presentation 57
Caspian remnant coastal dunes: how do natural and anthropogenic factors impact on plant diversity and vegetation?
Samereh Tirgan
Poster Presentation 62
Disentangling the effects of animal defoliation, trampling, and excretion deposition on plant nutrient resorption in a semi-arid steppe: the predominant role of defoliation
Tongrui Zhang
Poster Presentation 63
Ten years’ fencing has limited influence on plant nutritional quality of desert steppes in Northwest Tibet
Weiling Niu
Poster Presentation 58
Floristic composition of plant communities involving Rhaponticum serratuloides (Georgi) Bobr in the desert steppes of Kazakhstan
Saule Mamyrova
Poster Presentation 67
Mixing up plant litter and herbivore dung alters their decomposition rate in a semi-arid grassland ecosystem
Yanan Wang
12:30-13:0017:30-18:0009:30-10:00 (GMT)BREAK
13:00-13:3018:00-18:3010:00-10:30 (GMT)CLOSING CEREMONY
Chairs: Didem Ambarlı, Alla Aleksanyan
13:30-15:0018:30-20:0010:30-12:00 (GMT)OPTIONAL WORKSHOP
Meet the Editors
Chair: Stephen Venn
13:30-16:0018:30-21:0011:30-13:00 (GMT)HAPPY HOUR
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